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Spanish and tango antics in Buenos Aires

Spanish and tango antics in Buenos Aires

One of our students sent us her experiences of her first week in Buenos Aires learning Spanish and Tango. Just thought i would fill you in on a little more of the interesting details since arriving in Buenos Aires last week. Am worn out with having to adjust to a [...]

Time Out Travel inspiration for 2010 features in Time Out’s travel inspiration for 2010 and what better way to be inspired than learning something new with Go Learn To… “Fed up with the same holidays? Think of 2010 as an oyster-shaped planet and use Time Out’s ten-step travel plan to find a new you. Ever [...]

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Foreign language courses abroad

Foreign language courses abroad features in Time Out magazine today as Chris Moss goes in search of the best places to learn the lingo from the locals everywhere, from Germany to Japan… Learn Arabic Where Teutouan, Morocco The Mediterranean port of Teutouan, founded in 3 BC, was fought over by the Spanish and [...]

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Explore the old city and new life on a Spanish course in Madrid

Hannah spends her mornings learning Spanish and long evenings exploring the old city and new life of Madrid. There’s a dunce in the class. I open my Spanish textbook in a classroom in central Madrid and already I’m perspiring and past tense. Past anxious – si. Past tongue-tied – si, [...]

Grab yourself a discount on language courses abroad with

Get yourself down to the Language Travel Show in London this weekend to grab yourself 15%* off any language course with Visit us on level 1 of the show to learn more about the inspirational language courses we have on offer including learning Italian and pizza making, Spanish and [...]

The most monolingual country in the world

The most monolingual country in the world

The UK is in danger of becoming one of the most monolingual countries in the world. Our language skills deficit could harm our performance in the global economy and its intercultural competence. This is the conclusion of a review of modern language provision in England commissioned by the Higher Education [...]

Fresh ideas for a rewarding gap year

Fresh ideas for a rewarding gap year features in The Times today with it’s fresh ideas for a GAP year where you can learn new CV enhancing skills to get more from your GAP trip. A-level results are out and the travellers are off. Now there’s more reason to take the leap: choose the right gap [...]

Now you’re talking….

Now you’re talking…. features in the Guardian today. Want to speak like a native but don’t fancy spending your entire trip in a classroom? These holidays combine lessons with activities and the chance to hang out with locals. French – Surf & Chat in Biarritz If only school could have been this [...]

Clubbing and classrooms – learn Spanish in Ibiza

Clubbing and classrooms – learn Spanish in Ibiza

Forget wild images conjured up by TV programmes such as Ibiza uncovered that make all parents of 18-26 year olds wince when you announce you want to spend a few weeks in Ibiza over the Summer. has come up with the perfect parent pleasing trip combining clubbing with classroom [...]

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Learn Russian in Russia…

Russia is getting ready for the most important religious event of the year: Orthodox Easter. It marks the end of seven weeks of Lent, during which time Orthodox believers don’t eat animal products, such as meat and milk. Fish is only allowed twice and total refusal of food is welcomed [...]