Flamenco guitar lessons and Spanish course

Andalucia, Seville, Spain

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Pursue your passion for playing the guitar with flamenco guitar lessons in Seville - the home of flamenco. Combine guitar lessons with a Spanish course to really immerse yourself in the local Spanish culture and progress rapidly practising your new found language skills in your free time.

With 1.5 hours of private one-on-one flamenco guitar lessons each day together with another 1.5 hours of Spanish classes each day, this course leaves plenty of free time to explore Seville and soak up the sights and flamenco sounds all around you.
Get more from your holiday, play your guitar to the rhythm of flamenco, learn Spanish, have fun, meet new people and take home two new skills that will stay with you long after the holiday is over.

Flamenco guitar
- Suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced
- It is preferable that you know the basics of guitar playing
- Minimum age 16
- Courses are taught in Spanish but the majority of guitar teachers speak English so you don’t have to worry if your Spanish is basic or if you are a beginner

Spanish course
- Suitable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced Spanish learners
- Minimum age 16

Flamenco guitar & Spanish course start days
- The school is open year round
- Courses start every Monday and lessons run from Monday to Friday each week
- If you book the optional accommodation with this learning holiday, you’ll check-in on Sunday before the course starts

Flamenco guitar & Spanish course class schedule
- Your flamenco guitar lessons are private classes on a one-on-one basis
- Guitar lesson times vary to fit in with your Spanish classes and run for 90 minutes each day from Monday to Friday
- Your Spanish classes are taken in a small group of up to 7 people
- Spanish courses run for 90 minutes each day from Monday to Friday and fit in with your Guitar lessons
- Overall, you’ll have 3 hours of tuition each day, half of Guitar and half Spanish
- The school will try to ensure your lessons run consecutively so you don’t have to go to and from the Flamenco school more than once per day
- The exact times of your class will be emailed to you after booking

Flamenco guitar - what will I learn?
- As this course includes private guitar tuition, lessons will be tailored to suit your level
- You will develop your knowledge of the different rhythms of Flamenco,  seguiriyas, soleá, soleá por bulerías, alegrías and more
- You will be taken through exercises, methods and falsetas
- The course focuses on playing for Flamenco dance and singing

- You are welcome to bring your own guitar
- The school do have a limited amount of guitars that can be borrowed whilst you are on the school grounds free of charge; if you would like to borrow a guitar for the entire week at a small extra charge
- The guitar rental fee is €20 for the first week then €10 per week for each additional week after that, plus a €50 deposit that will be returned once the student returns the guitar (please note: this is an extra service offered to students and is subject to availability)

How will I learn Spanish?
- Spanish lessons are taken at the Flamenco school with qualified Spanish teachers
- Group Spanish courses are focused on having fun and classes are highly interactive
- You’ll have 90 minutes of tuition per day and will cover conversation as well as grammar but will not be led through a text book, instead a variety of teaching aids will be used to make this more interactive
- Please note all Spanish lessons will be held in the native language of Spanish; a proven teaching technique that will fully immerse you in the language and accelerate your learning experience

Other information
- We recommend that you take a small Spanish dictionary, pens and paper with you
- If you are the only person taking Spanish classes that week, lesson times are reduced to 60 minutes per day

Optional accommodation
- This flamenco school offers optional accommodation staying with Spanish locals in a shared apartment which can help you immerse yourself in the Spanish culture and practice your Spanish
- Accommodation starts on a Sunday and you check out on Saturday morning after your course ends
- Accommodation details can be seen under the ‘Optional accommdation’ tab and can be added during the booking process

Free time in Seville
Many people on these holiday courses travel solo as they make perfect singles holidays so the Flamenco school recommends flamenco based activities each week to help you to get to know your fellow classmates and to integrate you into the flamenco of life, some activities are free and others have a small charge and may include:
- Visits to local Flamenco dance and music shows encouraging you to
- Seville city tour to explore the history of Flamenco in this beautiful city
- Weekends are free for you to explore the local area or just kick back and relax on this learning holiday with a difference

Get more from your holiday; get ready to play your guitar to the fiery rhythm of Flamenco and learn Spanish to really immerse yourself in all things Flamenco.