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Andalucia, Seville, Spain

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Learn how to play the Flamenco guitar in the heart of Andalucía.  Tucked away in the orange-tree lined streets of Seville this Flamenco school teaches dance, compas (clapping techniques) and Flamenco guitar and is used by locals and visitors alike.
All tuition is on a one-on-one basis and allows your guitar tutor to design classes to suit your guitar playing needs.  

Your experienced teacher will help to develop your Flamenco guitar playing skills taking you through methods, the different rhythms, falsetas and exercises.

Express yourself and learn how to play the guitar to the fiery rhythm of Flamenco.

- Suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced
- It is preferable that you know the basics of guitar playing
- Minimum age 16
- Courses are taught in Spanish but the majority of guitar teachers speak a little English

Flamenco guitar course start days
- Courses start on Mondays throughout the year

What will I learn?
- As this course includes private tuition, lessons will be tailored to suit your level
- You will develop your knowledge of the different rhythms of Flamenco,  seguiriyas, soleá, soleá por bulerías, alegrías and more
- You will be taken through exercises, methods and falsetas
- The course focuses on playing for Flamenco dance and singing

- You are welcome to bring your own guitar
- The school do have a limited amount of guitars that can be borrowed whilst you are on the school grounds free of charge; if you would like to borrow a guitar for the entire week at a small extra charge
- The guitar rental fee is €20 for the first week then €10 per week for each additional week after that, plus a €50 deposit that will be returned once the student returns the guitar (please note: this is an extra service offered to students and is subject to availability)

About your tutors
- There are 5 flamenco guitar tutors at the school; Manuel Espinosa, Francisco Morales, Manuel Berraquero, Michele Iaccarino and Antonio Gamez
- Each tutor uses his own unique style and technique of teaching flamenco guitar 
- All of the tutors have a wealth of knowledge and patience and have been teaching for over 10 years
- All four tutors have worked with various artists and accompanied and recorded records with the likes of El Pali, Maria del Monte, Juanito Valderrama and El Mistela

Free time in Seville
- The school organises regular visits to local Flamenco dance and music shows as well as encouraging you to explore the history of Flamenco in this beautiful city
- Weekends are free for you to explore the local area or just kick back and relax on this learning holiday with a difference

Flamenco guitar lesson schedule
- Classes run Monday-Friday and you have 1.5 hours of private lessons each day
- Classes start at any time during the day that suits you subject to teacher and classroom availability

Optional accommodation
- This Flamenco school offers optional accommodation staying with Spanish locals in a shared apartment which can help you immerse yourself in the Spanish culture
- Accommodation starts on a Sunday and you check out on Saturday morning after your course ends
- Accommodation can be added during the booking process

Longer courses
- Should you wish to book a longer course, please email hello@golearnto.com with your requirements

Get more from your holiday; express yourself through the medium of music and get ready to play to the fiery rhythm of Flamenco.