Surf holiday – a traveller’s experience

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Surf holiday – a traveller’s experience

We love hearing GoLearnTo happy stories, so we were excited to see Gemma Peplow’s article about her experience in Costa Rica, where she spent 2 weeks surfing, doing yoga, learning the art of photography and even picking up a few words of Spanish along the way! Now that’s a holiday experience worth sharing.

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But enough from us, hear it from Gemma herself:

“There’s nothing like sipping fresh coconut water, straight from the coconut itself, to really get that million-miles-away-from-home feeling. It’s a travel cliche, but one that has to be done in Costa Rica.

The man behind the till smiles as he pops the straw into the hole he has just drilled. “Pura vida,” he grins, handing it to me. Pura vida, or pure life, in English, is a saying you hear several times a day here, and it always comes with a big smile.

It’s a greeting, a farewell, a way of expressing thanks, and a life mantra for people living in this beautiful part of the world. For two weeks, I got to experience pura vida in Costa Rica, and it was bliss.”

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Read the full article here.

Check out Gemma’s brilliant holiday snaps here.

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