Solo travel – why everyone should give it a go

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Solo travel – why everyone should give it a go

“To people who are hesitant to travel solo, all you have to do is take one little step and just give it a go.”

After travelling to Peru several years ago on her first solo trip, Afshan of Cambridge, has now travelled solo throughout South America and Asia and recommends everyone giving it a go.

“I was petrified when I first travelled alone, but you meet so many people and have so many great experiences. When you travel with friends or a partner you tend not to interact as much with other people – I would recommend solo travel to anyone thinking about it.”

A passion for trying new thingstango
As well as a love for travelling solo, Afshan is always looking for new, different and exciting ways to experience other cultures.

“It’s great to mix up your travel and learn something new and come back with a new skill.”

After finishing her PhD in cancer research, Afshan took six months off to travel Africa, Central and South America. At the end of her trip she went on our Spanish and salsa holiday in Buenos Aires.

“That was fantastic – I got so much out of it, that’s why I decided to book again with GoLearnTo”

So at the end of last year Afshan decided to travel to another part of the world and try something completely different, this time our yoga and cooking holiday near Phuket in Thailand.

IMG_2412-eHow was the yoga?

It was fantastic, I love yoga, but doing it in Thailand at the beach was amazing.

I’ve never done more than 1 class a week but at the retreat I was doing three hours a day, it was really, really good – I was doing postures and techniques I’ve never been capable of before and I felt like I became so strong. And it’s so relaxing because it’s in such a beautiful place.

How about the cooking classes?copy

They were really good too, I wanted to learn to make Thai food at home since everyone loves it.  The groups were small so we got a lot of help from the chefs and we told them what we wanted to make the day before and they would make sure it was all prepared for us.

There was another lady Ally who also booked through GoLearnTo so we did the cooking classes together which was fun. And I did a couple of sessions on my own, but I didn’t mind that.

What was the highlight?

It was just everything, doing it all.

I didn’t feel bored at any point, every moment I was having a good time and I just felt really relaxed. It was the right amount of classes and massages and relaxing, it wasn’t too much and it wasn’t too little.

The only thing I didn’t like was paying the single supplement, but you get what you pay for it – it’s a beautiful resort, amazing food, really nice other guests, and it was so nice to be there after travelling around like crazy before I arrived.

IMG_2225-eHow was your experience with

Sacha was fantastic, and there were others who really helped me too. We were having problems because I was trying to book in July for the Christmas period but it was fully booked so we were trying different course options and she was hugely helpful and she got the right course and options and dates for me, and she was emailing regularly about the different options. She was very helpful.

Would you go on a third holiday?

Yes I’d definitely consider it, possibly a photography course because I bought a new camera before I went to Asia and I got really into taking photos. Maybe in Italy…

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