Excitement growing for Greek painting holiday

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Excitement growing for Greek painting holiday

From May 20 to 27, Debbie Hinks will capture the essence of Greek life as she tutors our Painting Holiday in Greece. Using pastel, charcoal, ink and watercolour, artists and wannabe artists can join Debbie on the Greek island of Kalymnos to learn the basics or advance your painting skills.

The painting course covers how to draw proportional figures and faces, as well as capture tone and movement. You can sit along the sea or in the village and draw costumed figures and the flair of the local people with portraiture sessions.

In a recent conversation with us, Debbie said:

“I’m getting very excited now to lead the upcoming drawing and painting holiday to Kalymnos. Having never taught on a Greek island before, I am particularly looking forward to capturing the light and magnificence colours found in abundance in the landscape, plus observing the characteristics and vitality of local inhabitants in soft chalk pastel and charcoal.”

To join her and other solo artists or find the itinerary of this holiday for painters, visit our site or get in touch!

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