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Clubbing and classrooms – learn Spanish in Ibiza

Clubbing and classrooms – learn Spanish in Ibiza

Forget wild images conjured up by TV programmes such as Ibiza uncovered that make all parents of 18-26 year olds wince when you announce you want to spend a few weeks in Ibiza over the Summer. has come up with the perfect parent pleasing trip combining clubbing with classroom […]

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Learn Russian in Russia

Russia is getting ready for the most important religious event of the year: Orthodox Easter. It marks the end of seven weeks of Lent, during which time Orthodox believers don’t eat animal products, such as meat and milk. Fish is only allowed twice and total refusal of food is welcomed […]

by April 9, 2009 Language holidays

My time learning Chinese in China

Learning Chinese is a fun but a somewhat crazy experience  — I studied for 5 weeks in Beijing China and then headed off to Shanghai to experience this skyscraper city and then headed out to the country to see the ‘real China’ for myself which was an amazing experience. I […]

by March 18, 2009 Language holidays

Crazy fun Arabic courses in Egypt & Morocco

Learning Arabic is a fun but some days were crazy strange fun  —I studied Arabic for 5 weeks in Cairo Egypt and then headed off to Morocco for 2 weeks surfing to practice my new found language skills and to pick up some local dialect. I started Arabic lessons as a […]

by March 2, 2009 Language holidays
Save money on an Italian language holiday in Italy

Save money on an Italian language holiday in Italy

Everyone loves a good deal and is not short of those, Yours magazine this week pointed out ways to save on learning Italian on an Italian language holiday in Venice. Take Italian lessons in the afternoons rather than the mornings and save over £50 per person on our Italian courses in […]

by January 24, 2009 GoLearnTo in the press, Language holidays

Quick guide to language levels

To decide which level you are at, read our short guide to language levels below: Complete Beginner – You have no prior knowledge of or experience with the language, or you haven’t studied the language within the last couple of years. Beginner – You have a basic understanding of a few […]

by November 12, 2008 Language holidays, Travel advice

French is the most romantic language – so why not learn French in France?

Many travellers think knowing the local language of their destinations gives their holiday a boost, but this doesn’t always motivate them to learn one. More than three quarters of Australian holiday makers say being equipped with the local tongue is key, but only 64 per cent have bothered to learn, […]

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My time studying Spanish in Peru, South America…

Lindsay Hatzenbuehler kindly wrote this article for our blog to give others an insight into studying Spanish in Cusco in Peru. Lindsay was lucky enough to get out of the classroom to practice her Spanish in a local hospital and with local children giving her a unique language holiday experience. “Each […]

Serious about your kids learning the lingo?

If you find it difficult to get your offspring to do their language homework then why not take them on a holiday language course with to inject some passion for languages into your loved ones. featured in Katy Holland’s article in The Independent on Sunday on the 5 October promoting […]

by October 5, 2008 GoLearnTo in the press, Language holidays
Why take a language holiday course?

Why take a language holiday course?

Native English speakers are not exactly known for their linguistic skills – everyone speaks English right? Throw away your visions of stuffy classrooms and verb tables; language holidays are fun and leave plenty of time to relax and will inspire you to discover more about the country you are holidaying in. […]

by October 3, 2008 Language holidays

How to make travel look good on your CV

Most businesses need experienced people who understand other cultures, have a strong desire to learn, are highly motivated, speak another language and are independent.  You might be considering taking some time out to travel before looking for your next job but if you use your time out wisely you could be looking at a much stronger […]

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I first visited Russia when I was just 17, for £199, I got to visit Moscow, Murmansk and Lenningrad as it was then. I saw Russia during communist times and as a 17 year old from a quite village in the East of England that was really something. Russia today is now a very […]

by July 21, 2008 Language holidays
Quick Guide to Choosing a Language School

Quick Guide to Choosing a Language School

If you are considering taking a language course overseas… use this quick guide to choosing the right language school for you: 1. Check the group size Some schools can appear very reasonably priced but this is typically because the group sizes are larger meaning you’ll get a lot less out of […]

by July 14, 2008 Language holidays, Singles holidays

Forget brain training – take a Spanish master class instead

“If only I could speak Spanish I would consider living in Spain” “We had a great holiday in Spain but if we could have spoken more to the local people it would have been so much better” “I would love to learn Spanish and about Spanish culture, but language schools […]

by July 3, 2008 Language holidays
Learn Spanish & indulge your passion for horse riding

Learn Spanish & indulge your passion for horse riding

A friend of mine has two passions in life: 1. Spain and all things Spanish 2. Horses (especially Andalucian ones) Our new Spanish & Horseriding holiday course is perfect for her as it combines Spanish language lessons in the morning with your afternoons and early evenings spent trekking in the stunning […]

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