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Flash Packers looking for a fresh perspective…

There is a growing number of travellers in their 30’s and 40’s seeking new experiences, a reason to travel and who enjoy globetrotting like your traditional backpacker with the only difference being, they have cash and more refined tastes. This new breed of ‘Flash Packers’ are usually dealing with a […]

by April 9, 2008 Singles holidays

I was going to move to Spain once…

A few years ago, I was offered a job based in Palma, Majorca. I loved the city, had visited several times and started to dream of siestas and lying by the pool after work grazing on delicious Spanish food. Only one thing stood in the way – my grasp of […]

by April 7, 2008 Language holidays

‘Quantum of Solace’ – James Bond in Italy next week

From April 14 to 24, several towns on Lake Garda (Gargnano, Tremosine, Limone sul Garda, Torbole, and Malcesine) will be the film sets for the 22nd James Bond movie, “Quantum of Solace”, directed by Marc Forster (who also directed the famous “The Kite Runner”) and Dan Bradley (director of the […]

by April 7, 2008 Travel advice

Still passionate about travel after almost 20 years…

Travel is a passion; I’ve spent almost 20 years working in the travel industry starting my career in a Norfolk travel agency. I got lucky as my first boss was an entrepreneur who gave me many opportunities – at 16, I was negotiating deals with major tour operators but only […]

by April 7, 2008 Travel news

GoLearnTo.com – The UK’s most innovative internet company?

Bebo and Last.fm are yesterday’s news – what Internet company will we be talking about going forward!  We hope it’s GoLearnTo.com. Internet World and First Tuesday have partnered to create 2008’s award for the UK’s Most Innovative Internet Company. GoLearnTo.com has been nominated as the UK’s most innovative internet company and if you agree, […]

by April 7, 2008 Travel news

Dubai lives the post-oil Arab dream

Dubai is a fascinating socio-political model for the 21st century: a melting pot of neo-liberalism and “subterranean” economy, Sunni Arab Islam and low taxes, souks and artificial islands, a giant warehouse and a tourist paradise, life in the fast lane and a consumer-mad society. Dubai has a growing population of […]

by April 7, 2008 Language holidays

Insider guide to Guadalajara, Mexico

Our language school in Guadalajara, Mexico has kindly prepared this guide to the sights, sounds and smells of Guadalajara to make your trip to Mexico a memorable one…The Centro Historico is another name for the “old town” part of downtown Guadalajara. You can get a map of the different important […]

by March 31, 2008 Language holidays

Where to hear Mariachis in Guadalajara

Our language school in Guadalajara, Mexico is always asked where are the best and safest places to go out in the evenings and party with the locals. Here’s their guide to what’s hot and what’s safe for a night out on the town…. Here are some places that are fun […]

by March 31, 2008 Language holidays

Experience the Day of the Dead this October

For those of you, who have not visited Oaxaca during Day of the Dead, mark your calendars now for 2008. The Mexican festivities of “Muertos” are known throughout the world, and Oaxaca’s traditions are among the most elaborate and unique in the country. Each year at the end of October, […]

by March 28, 2008 Language holidays

Tick something off your ‘things to do before you die list’

Amy spent two weeks in Sicily on a language course, living above a local family and in doing so, ticked off one of the things on her list of things to do before I die! For two weeks, Taormina, located on a terrace with its spectacular views of the beach below and Mount […]

by March 27, 2008 Language holidays