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T James, , - Sep 2018

There was no help when choosing flamenco shoes .. I have no idea a beginner which they are aware of. The teacher spoke in Spanish the whole time to the class and me. I don't speak Spanish .. so no idea what was going on. This was very disappointing and I did not enjoy the flamenco.

Reply from Supplier: Hola Tracy, we are sorry you did not enjoy Flamenco. Not everyone does... at least you tried. And I am sorry we did not help you with the shoes as you expected. We did not know you needed assistance and if you had asked, we would have been happy to help you. And well, we always say that classes are in Spanish, even on the GoLearnTo website, and there are usually no problems with that. Plus the reception is always there to help. I am sorry you did not enjoy your experience, I hope you at least enjoyed Seville! Best regards

M Caden, Ballina, Ireland - Dec 2016

I was only person for class would have liked if others were there learning too. However I was very pleased with the experience.

Reply from Supplier: Thanks for the feedback! Sorry to hear you were the only person in your class during Christmas but so glad you still enjoyed it.

N Lin, Oakland, United States - Sep 2016

The instructor was excellent!

Lilja Anna Gunnarsdóttir, Reykjavík , Iceland - Aug 2016

I was happy with the course I took, the teacher Carmen was really good. I don't speak spanish fluently but she explained everything slowly and clearly so it worked out well. The staff at Taller was professional and well organised as well as friendly and helpful.

Reply from Supplier: thank you a lot! You are welcome anytime!

S Furber, London , UK - Aug 2015

Amazing experience! I was the only person on the beginners' course, and ended up having one-on-one tuition. The school is very well-organised and provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in flamenco culture. I felt like I had been transported to another world.

M Yindong JIA, Fontainebleau, France - Jun 2015

M Sung Hae Talor Min, London, U.K. - Jan 2015

i was lucky enough to take a flamenco class during the off-season with carmen. i was the only student! i was surprised they didn't cancel the class for lack of students, but so glad they didn't. carmen is a phenomenal teacher who is kind, caring and patient. maria angela in the office was also sweet and gave great suggestions for flamenco events throughout the week. i am looking forward to returning to sevilla and taking another class at taller!

Reply from Supplier: Thanks also to you for choosing Taller Flamenco. Hope to see you soon. Take care and have a great time

M Miss Chia-yu Yang, Manchester, 英國 - Oct 2014

Very fulfilling learning experience. Enjoyed the course a lot!

Reply from Supplier: Thank you! See you again!


Thanks for all things. We enjoyed this holiday in spain in order to learn flamenco dance.

H Jones, Sleaford, England - Jul 2014

Absolutely fantastic! I am so glad I did it. Had the best holiday ever, learnt so much and had loads of fun. Everyone in the course was so friendly. Flamenco dancing is so much fun, never done it prior to the holiday. If you are in doubt about doing it, just do it, you won't regret it - I didn't!

Reply from Supplier: Thanks a lot Helen !!! Hope to see you again. It was fantastic to meet you Best flamenco regards, Eukene

A Sherris, Old Town, Isles of Scilly - Mar 2014

comprehensive routine and teaching methods worked well for me even though my teacher spoke no English. Will book again for sure in the future.

Reply from Supplier: see you again then! Glad you enjoyed!

D Fraser, Cambridge, UK - Jul 2013

Office staff were efficient and very friendly with information on lots of things to do and opportunities to meet other students. I was given individual language lessons when it became apparent that I was a different level from the two others in my class.

D Fraser, Cambridge, UK - Jul 2013

There were five people on my course - all had done probably between 1 and 2 years flamenco in their home countries. The course was OK for a complete beginner, but you would feel more confident if you had had a few lessons back home. I was the only English speaker in class - the teacher spoke very li

K Farrell, Cambridge, UK - May 2013

wonderful atmosphere at the school. it would however be useful to have a separate class for people who have done a lot of dance in the past although not specifically flamenco who can learn at an accelerated pace. allround quite enjoyable.

M Jane Won, Cobham, United Kingdom - Oct 2012

The season that I happened to go during was very slow so it was a bit lonesome being the only one taking courses. I wish I had been forewarned that I'd be alone for most of the course.

M Ella Auzins, Victoria, Canada - Sep 2012

It would have been nice to be notified that the family that I was staying with did not speak any English.

Reply from Supplier: Thanks for your review. The apartment owners don't always speak English and although there may sometimes be other students of the Flamenco school staying there that do speak English, it is not guaranteed but all hosts do try to communicate as best as possible despite the language barrier. Your comments are noted and we will endeavour to place future students with English speaking owners where possible.

, Lancashire, United Kingdom - Feb 2012

Even though I was an absolute beginner to Flamenco (with very little Spanish either!), I thoroughly enjoyed the course. The teaching was of a high quality, and the support staff were really helpful too. There was a chance to meet up with students on different courses at the school (e.g. guitar, compas y palmas) and we had a few evenings out over the week. The insider's view of Flamenco, with local spots off the tourist trail was a highlight. The tapas and coffee on Alameda de Hercules were great, too! The only thing I'd say is I wished I'd got some Flamenco dancing shoes with nails in the heel and toe, for maximum noise when stamping (of which there was a lot!) There are lots of places in Seville to get them, and the school has discounts with quite a few places. A great week - and sunny and warm during the day in Feb, too :)

N Harrison, Oxford, UK - Aug 2011

this was a great course. the facilities could be improved as floor space was limited, but the teaching was first class

S Procter, Cambridge, United Kingdom - Nov 2010

Really enjoyable class. Though the teacher didn't speak English the class was easy to follow. I went for 1 week but wished I could have stayed longer.

R Sterner, Novato, USA - Sep 2010

A great class! The instructor was professional and not only gave dance instruction, but gave background on flamenco origins. A wonderful experience.

Z Elliott , Cheshire , UK - Aug 2010

I have just returned from my week in Seville doing a Spanish and Flamenco course. I had a fantastic time and could not fault any part of my time there. It was an experience of a lifetime.