Guest review: Tania shares her painting holiday experience in Andalucia

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Guest review: Tania shares her painting holiday experience in Andalucia

Tania wanted a painting holiday that was suitable for watercolour beginners, in an inspiring location that would allow her to be independent, but have the luxury of not having to plan everything. Weeks later, she found herself talking to someone in her painting class who was looking for the exact same thing.

She decided to research and found this painting holiday in Andalucia with hosts Vikki and Paul, and everything about it fit the bill — it was great value for money, in a stunning locale, she loved the daily itinerary, and beginners were encouraged to join.

We called Tania to get some details for any artists who may be looking for the same type of holiday:

Who did you meet?

We were extremely fortunate in that we had a wonderful group of painters — although who knows, perhaps this is common when people come together with similar interests. We not only shared our painting tuition time and meals together, but we all spent our free day together going to Nerja and hitting the beach, shops, and local restaurants.

What was the holiday like?

I enjoyed everything about it from beginning to end! Everything was impeccably organised… even more than I could have imagined.

Every day we painted in a new spot, and the hosts were laid back and easy going, as you must be when weather and life happens. There were back up plans for weather, diversity in our daily excursions, and — come lunch or dinner time — a gloriously set table waiting for us with huge portions.

The others on the course had done similar painting holidays, but all agreed that this one was the best they had ever been on. Some even re-booked another holiday with Vikki and Paul while we were still on it (talk about organised).

The other painters in my group gave me some advice: “Don’t assume all of these holidays are equal, this one is far superior.” That alone speaks volumes!

What were Vikki and Paul like?

The hosts were generous, hospitable, and thoughtful; they would help in any way and let you use anything.

If you wanted to spend your evenings continuing with your painting, you could help yourself to supplies and set yourself up on the terrace.

I recall burning my feet on a hot day in particular, and there comes Vikki, her hands filled with fresh-cut aloe from the garden. Paul and Vikki couldn’t do enough for you but were not overbearing in anyway.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

I highly recommend this holiday for a single person — I would not hesitate to go on my own. You won’t really be alone, rather you’ll be enjoying your hobby with others who want to be inspired as well.

Take a sweater, as there can be deceiving microclimates in the mountains and on some painting locations (even though Vikki managed to pull out a few scarves when needed).

You can bring some cash for tipping, extra water or snacks, but you really could get by without bringing any extra money aside from spending money for your free day (for a taxi to Nerja, and some lunch for example).

What activity would you like to try next?

This holiday has encouraged me to try another solo painting holiday again — perhaps in a new region for some variety. I would not hesitate to book one after my great experience in Andalucia!

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