Guest review: Anne shares her yoga and fitness retreat experience in Alicante, Spain

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Guest review: Anne shares her yoga and fitness retreat experience in Alicante, Spain

Yes, I know it’s terrible – I work for GoLearnTo and have never taken a yoga or fitness class (outside of PE 23 years ago). I admit I am a healthy stone overweight, and therefore tend to veer towards cooking and wine holidays (I mean, it’s a holiday afterall).

But, I spoke to Anne about her yoga and fitness holiday in Alicante, and I must say, I found it encouraging –convincing even. Maybe a week of being healthy won’t kill me… in fact, it may be the perfect combination of holiday, relaxing, and getting fit in the gorgeous outdoors:

Who did you go with and who did you meet?

I went with my partner and were joined by two other woman. It was a small group, and it really suited me well. Our host, Demi, is very kind, accommodating, and great with people. She keeps everyone’s needs and levels in mind and pays attention to people even down to the food.

How are the activities organised? What’s an example daily itinerary?

There really is no daily itinerary set in stone; each day is different and can be planned with the guests. Demi focuses on fitness, and someone else comes in for our yoga time.

Each day is a lovely mix of activities such as yoga, cycling and weights, and all of it is done in the beautiful outdoors. There is absolutely no pressure – you can join in or take time out – and every level is considered. Since it’s only for four nights, you get to try a bit of something different each day.

One day we headed into town for some aerial yoga which was unique and different for me; another time we did a guided cycle tour and got to see the countryside. This holiday is a great healthy way to get to know the area and feel refreshed.

I also noticed that all of our activities were great as a group – it really had us all doing things we loved and created an atmosphere that brought us all together.

How are the evenings spent?

During this time of year it was a bit cooler, so Demi left it up to us as a group to decide how we wanted to spend the evenings. One evening we all chose to relax and watch a movie, and one night we headed into the village for some wine and coffee, which is a perfect 25-minute walk from the villa.

What kind of food is served?

All of her dishes used beautiful local ingredients and were freshly prepared. Some examples of dishes served are chickpea curry, a vegetarian chili, and gorgeous salads.

At first, I thought that the portions were smaller than I was used to, but I quickly learned clean eating left us full and extremely satisfied. The food was very adequate and ideal for a healthy week. I should also mention that lean poultry and fish is always available with the meals as a protein option.

Do not be thrown off by healthy eating – Demi is a great cook!

Was the holiday good value for money?

The holiday was good for my budget, the villa was clean, bright, and well looked after, and the food was very high quality. The only other money we spent was the occasional round of coffee or wine – once you pay for the holiday, everything is paid.

I would highly recommend it for a genuine holiday for fitness and relaxing – it is what you make of it. As I used to run a wellness centre in Ireland, it was nice to be on the receiving end of it for once.

Although we did a variety and range of fitness, the relaxation parts were idyllic and well deserved. I came home feeling lighter and rejuvenated.

If Anne has convinced you to try a fitness break in Alicante with Demi, you can find out more on the course itinerary page, including what you’ll be up to each day, more about Demi, as well as how to get there.

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